MDDGL (Discontinued)

Massachusetts Deaf Disc Golf League (MDDGL)


MDDGL was created by Lee Vasquez (NEDDG #13) in 2009 in hope to generate interests from anyone to come out and play monthly leagues in the state of Massachusetts.

MDDGL discontinued in 2013.

MDDGL League Rules from Lee, the former MDDGL Commissioner

Men point handicap still same but one change rule to add are “Lost Discs” penalty if disc go stuck in any trees more than 6′ 6″ from ground, According to PDGA rule. I am trying to speeding up league time instead desire to get discs back from tree will cost more times. I am having hard time on Women point handicaps because not enough women players often. I decided to set on Women “Lowest scores”only would be quickly statistics (I will figure out on Women handicap point situation later). Men have remain same handicap points.

1.) All 6 Sundays league will tee-off at 9 am period, Arrive at 8:30 am PLEASE!
2.) Search for discs have to limit 3 minutes searching!
3.) New start season of one round groups will have order from end of MDDGL season of 2010 in ranking places! No mixed groups except end of MDDGL season: two rounds only. If less than two women, They must have playing mix with Men. Each Sundays will having following into order of each groups from previous Sundays league ranking places result.
4.) Men and Women CTP contest must be different holes !!
5.) Bring your own drinks and foods (I am not providing those).
6.) I will posting “WARNING” on each disc golf courses where we will playing at: Examples= heavy hills or tough rock terrains are not suit for non-strength physical players (I apologize for saying this but I HAVE seen few players costing me “LOT OF TIMES”). New England states are mostly hills and rock terrains, not like other regional states.

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